Unique and research-based, our ongoing skills monitoring will help you track progress over time in basic reading skills.

With our ongoing monitoring system, you can monitor a student’s speed and accuracy progress in basic reading skills as frequently as once per week. Most other skill monitoring programs require much longer intervals between test sessions. We can do this because our test items are always sampled from a large pool of items. Consequently, no two tests are the same, and we do not have to wait until the student “forgets” the original test.

We have a specifically designed Progress Evaluation that is comprised of four tests of basic skill. After completing all four, a Progress Report is generated that addresses issues of progress in speed and accuracy for the skills tested. This evaluation takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete

Progress reports can become part of a student’s Response to Intervention (RTI) record.

One can choose to track progress in a single reading skill by selecting to perform a single skill assessment test repeatedly at intervals as frequently as once per week and graphing the results from the multiple dates performed.

Notice aspects from this report:

  • The report shows performance on four tasks: word naming, non-word naming, word meaning and sentence understanding
  • The report shows performance on these tasks on four dates listed down the side of the report
  • The report shows performance on the tasks in terms of speed of performance (seconds per item), percent of items correct (Acc) and grade level percentile of performance
  • Note that performance on all the tasks over time (except for non-word naming) moves in a positive direction as indicated by the progress bar at the bottom of the report

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