Step 2: Fix Reading Problems

Our Skill Builder software turns problem readers into capable readers.

A good reader processes the most basic reading skills automatically, without thought. Lack of this is the most common cause of reading problems. Reading comprehension becomes compromised as a result. 

Our intervention exercises focus on making basic reading skills automatic. These exercises are research-based and proven effective with problem readers. 

To be a good reader one must master these basic skills automatically:

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  • Letter recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Combining letter sounds to form words
  • Rapid recognition of words

Our free offering includes sample Skill Builder exercises

Start Fixing Reading Problems with Skill Builder Exercises

Reading requires a mastery of skills starting very simple ranging up to comprehension. Any failure up the ladder of complexity will block good reading comprehension.

Our exercises focus on strengthening basic skills up through rapid sight recognition of words and math facts. Our diagnostic software recommends a starting point for these exercises. 

  • Identify the most basic skill needing improvement
  • Target that skill at a level where the student can succeed
  • Student masters all exercises for that skill
  • Student moves to next basic skill needing attention
  • Materials appropriate Kindergarten through College

How the Skill Builder System Works

The goal of any reading program is to make reading an automatic process. When one sees a letter, word or math fact they know what it is without thinking. Our exercises encourage one to trust him/her self to sight recognize.

This is how it works:

  • Select materials
  • Preview materials
  • Timed practice
  • Review mistakes
  • Progress report
  • Repeat above with same materials until mastered

Select materials:   Select the appropriate materials for the student to work with. A student repeatedly works with same set of materials 3-5 times per week. The report indicates when a set has been mastered.

Preview materials:   The student looks at all of the items in the exercise. He or she should carefully look at each item. He/She may listen to or get the definition of any item. The student may take as much time as needed.

Timed practice:   The student performs a timed session with the set items one at a time. An item appears which starts a timer. The student names the item out loud and presses SPACEBAR at the same time. That press stops the timer measuring time taken. Accuracy of the response is manually scored.

Review mistakes:   All of the items in the exercise are displayed. Those items mistakenly named are highlighted. One can click on a item to listen to the item. This is a good time for a “teachable moment”.

Progress report:  The system creates a report that addresses speed and accuracy performance for the current and previous sessions. The report displays trend graphs and makes observations about the trends. The report will identify when mastery has been reached, usually 95% accurate and a speed of 60 items/min.
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RSL Skill Builder Exercises

Each grade appropriate skill builder exercise is organized into chunks that are separately mastered. One exercise will normally have multiple sets of equal difficulty. One works on a set until mastered. Then one moves to the next set.

A set is divided into pages. One works with each selected page one at a time during a session.

Skill Builder Exercise




Letter Naming [3 fonts]
Word Families [rhyme]
Grade 1 Words
Grade 2 Words to Grade 8 Words
SAT Vocabulary
Subject Matter [science, history, biology, literature and many more]

Our Skill Builder Exercises Improve Reading Skills in General

Our published research shows that:

  • Students not only improve their reading ability on material they are practicing
  • They also improve performance on materials they have never seen
  • This indicates that they are improving overall reading skills

The Skill Builder Designer Module

Customize a reading program that is right for your reader or student.

Our Skill Builder Designer Module allows you to add your own content for custom education. You can easily develop a Skill Builder that is suited to your reader’s needs. Materials developed with our Skill Builder Designer Module can be saved for personal use, shared within a unit (classroom, school), or saved into our Skill Builder Library for use by anyone using the Reading Success Lab software.

Examples of content used to custom develop Skill Builder:

  • Materials requested by a teacher or tutor.
  • Material drawn from graded reading texts. 
  • Grade-level vocabulary lists drawn from statewide curriculum standards.
  • Beginning and end-of-year reading lists based on local curriculum.
  • Foreign language content.
  • Spelling lists.
  • Vocabulary lists for statewide testing programs or for ACT or SAT preparation.
  • Vocabulary lists based on specific licensure exams.
  • Vocabulary found in assigned reading books.

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