Our reading evaluations identify reading problems.

Our reading evaluation software is effective for kindergarteners through adults. It measures both the speed and accuracy of a range of reading skills and runs on any computer connected to the internet with a modern browser. It was designed on two basic facts our extensive research taught us about reading:

  1. Reading involves a hierarchy of skills that, at the lowest level, involves the recognition of letters, and, at the highest level, involves the ability to comprehend sentences, paragraphs and entire books. 
  2. Skilled reading involves fast, automatic, and accurate recognition of letters and words. 

The reading evaluations also:

  • Help educators, tutors, and parents identify the source of a reading problem.
  • Provide a detailed report that can become part of a student’s academic record. 
  • Track progress over time in basic reading skills.
  • Provide Response to Intervention [RTI] for any instruction method.

Our reading evaluations determine:

  • Level of fluency on basic skills needed to be a good reader.
  • Ability to comprehend aural and written stories.
  • The nature of a reading issue based on pattern analysis of test results.


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