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Diagnose Reading Problems Fix Reading Problems Continually Measure Reading Progress
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Diagnose Reading Problems

  • Diagnostic tests identify dyslexia, attentional disorders, common poor readers, and broader cognitive difficulties
  • Tests are research based and described in top scientific journals
  • Tests produce easy to understand personalized reports that can be added to a student’s educational record

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Fix Reading Problems

  • Research based individualized interventions target specific reading weaknesses
  • Interventions develop mastery of reading skills by advancing through grade level materials
  • Interventions can be based on pre-existing materials or on local curriculum materials

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Continually Measure Reading Progress

    • Progress can be measured weekly, monthly, or in longer time frames
    • Progress measured in both low level skills (e.g., word identification) and high level skills (e.g., sentence comprehension)
    • Progress can be reported as absolute gains in reading skill or as gains in grade level percentiles

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