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Help Children Who Struggle To Read

Tackle reading problems • Build fluency • Become a better reader

Used by hundreds of teachers/parents and thousands of students worldwide. The RSL system was developed over many years at a University of Massachusetts Learning Lab for problem readers.

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  • Diagnose – Identify dyslexia and other learning problems
  • Fix – Tackle weak reading skills aggressively
  • Track – View reading skill improvement over time
  • Lead your child/student one step at a time to Reading Success
Free Dyslexia Test
RSL online testing leads a student through a series of reading tasks. Exercises begin from very simple up through comprehension.

The testing produces an easy to understand personalized report which may be added to a student’s educational record.

The testing protocols used are research-based and described in top scientific journals. More Info…

Research-based individualized interventions target identified weaknesses. Students can experience success immediately and then advance to more challenging material as they gain ability and confidence.   More Info…

Measure improvement in 4 four important reading skills as frequently as once per week. After each progress test session a report is generated that shows the progress a student has made since the original diagnostic testing.    More Info…

Listen to the Success – An Actual Student

Before using our tools:

After using our tools for several months:

Perfect for Use at Home or School

Our online tools identify the source of a reading problem and provide a tailored program that will eliminate the obstacles and lead to reading success. With the online tools from Reading Success Lab you will be able to:

  • Identify dyslexia, learning disabilities [LD] and other reading problems.
  • Build vocabulary from early readers to honors biology
  • Improve reading fluency [speed + accuracy], confidence, comprehension.
  • Track progress in reading improvement frequently.
  • Measure Response to Intervention [RTI] for any reading program.
  • Meet Standards of IEPs.
  • Serve multiple students, the number of student users is not limited.

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