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Dyslexia – Yes or No?

Identify dyslexia and other learning problems, address identified issues and track improvement over time.

Child needing help reading 

    • Test for Dyslexia – Research-based testing complete with personalized report
    • Fix reading problems – Personalized interventions focused on identified weaknesses
    • Track progress – Test essential reading skills frequently with customized progress reporting

Dyslexia Testing: The testing protocols used are research-based and described in top scientific journals. A student is lead through a series of reading tasks from very simple up through comprehension. By looking at the pattern of performance, doing well on some and poorly on others, it is possible to identify dyslexia and other reading problems. The testing produces an easy to understand personalized report which may be added to a student’s educational record. More Info…

Fix reading problems: Research-based individualized interventions designed to promote reading fluency, a combination of accuracy and speed. These activities target identified weaknesses starting at a level where the student can experience success immediately and then advance through more challenging materials. Custom exercises may be developed based on local curriculum materials.  More Info…

Track Progress: Progress in basic reading skill fluency can be measured weekly, monthly or longer times. After each progress test session a report is generated addressing progress with four important reading skills. Our progress testing can be administered frequently because test items in a session are always different so there is no issue of a student remembering the test.   More Info…

Perfect for Use at Home or School

Our online tools identify the source of a reading problem and provide a tailored program that will eliminate the obstacles and lead to reading success. With the online tools from Reading Success Lab you will be able to:

    • Identify dyslexia, learning disabilities [LD] and other reading problems.
    • Build vocabulary from early readers to honors biology
    • Improve reading fluency [speed + accuracy], confidence, comprehension.
    • Track progress in reading improvement frequently. 
    • Measure Response to Intervention [RTI] for any reading program.
    • Meet Standards of IEPs.
    • Serve multiple students, the number of student users is not limited.

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