Free Dyslexia Screening Test

Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities – Identify Reading Problems

Test your student or child with our online Free Dyslexia Screening Test. This is a real test that indicates whether dyslexia or other problems may present, not a questionnaire like most other free offerings.

Happy small child reading
  • Online test for students/children  grades 3 to 8
  • Testing takes about 15 minutes
  • Student/child performs 3 reading skill tasks
  • System measures fluency of performance on these tasks
  • Upon completion system generates a personalized online report

Testing:   The testing takes about 15 minutes including small breaks between the tests. The student performs these three online skill tests: Letter Naming, Word Naming, and Nonsense Word Naming.

Fluency: The system measures fluency, a combination of speed and accuracy. Fluency is highest when fast and accurate. Fluency is lowest when slow and inaccurate. Fluency is measured for every student response.

Results: Fluency measurements for the 3 tasks performed is carefully analyzed. In this process weaknesses are uncovered.  It is also determined whether identified weaknesses may be the result of dyslexia or something else.

Report: A personalized report is generated. It includes sections on dyslexia testing, student results, observations along with recommendations and next steps. The report can be accessed at any later time, be printed and become part of the student’s educational record.

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Free Dyslexia Test